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the magic behind this man

Started magic at the tender age of 5 with the influence of the television and got bitten by the magic bug. In the late 70's, the hobbies school children undertook were that of stamp / coin collecting, playing with marbles or collecting soccer fan cards. For me it was about innovating with the art of magic via very ancient methods of reading dated books, building gadgets by trial & error, getting chased out of magic shops for innocently looking without having the finances to purchase anything. Occasionally, I'd save up a small fortune to pay for an item that was only fit for the store room.

The difficulty, trauma and painstaking moments of discovering this art form has however attributed to the many talents I've picked up along the way. By the age of 13, I was performing for the aged, children's homes and parties, with the props I designed and built. Today, I probably am the only performer and manufacturer of magic, juggling equipment and theatrical props here in Singapore. All the props you see in these photographs are personally hand crafted to the finest details.

It really was miracle, how I could balance the local educational system, the hobby of Magic which entailed the long hours of practising and the building of props back in those days! What more with a hectic work schedule these days!

Magic in the 80's

magic ala classic

That's me in the 80's doing a full evening act of classical dove magic. On the far left of the picture is Mark Richmond when he was a mobile DJ for the event.

Getting Rid of the Mites

Busking the streets

Upon my return from the UK in 1998, I decided to put my London busking experience to the test here locally when the NAC allowed street performances with a license. Busking on the streets is never an easy situation to be dealing with - for the weather, people and collection are all unpredictable. Even than, it's a skill in itself and a great rehearsal ground for your material to be tested.

Left - An absolutely regretful volunteer patiently waiting for the "nagging in his ears" to be there no more, "dandruff" to be removed and "worries" to be taken away for good.

* Highest collection busker for the NAC JUZ-Busk programme in November 1998.

Entertaining the Local Community

ploughing the Community

It gives me great pleasure to be roaming the home town of Singapore's local community. Ploughing from North to South and onward East to West there's always one beautiful sight - A community as one family .

Educating the Children

magic with the Little People

For as little as they are, without a doubt they'll be people of tomorrow. Hence, it's equally important that my entertaining performances are strongly bonded with messages that inculcate social etiquette, prudence and inquisitiveness which are educational in it's entirety.

Left - With one of the many schools emphasizing the need for saving money.

First Busking Magician in Singapore

entertaining by the thousands

I've totally enjoyed entertaining loads and loads of crowds worldwide, putting that smile on their faces, bringing a little joy into their daily life and leaving behind the magic that they'll carry in their hearts for as long as they live.

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since 12th August 2000.
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