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Almost anyone can juggle . . .

"It's not an art form reserved solely for a professional circus performer or for clowns but a physically and mentally relaxing form of recreation which can help you discover and nurture your innate coordination. Once you've learned how, juggling, like swimming, is impossible to forget. So it's a skill you can keep for life. Unlike most sports, juggling is completely portable and you can do it almost anywhere either alone, with a partner, or in a group." - Dave Finnigan

When I first began this art form, a group of like minded people gathered once a week (in fact at one time we met on two consecutive days in a week) at the Substation to remedy those itching fingers, hands, feet, foreheads and goodness knows what else. We started with a core group of not more than 5 chaps which gradually deteriorated to a big zero. In between, there were a couple of attempts to fix a permanent practice day in the week. This horrendous figure wasn't here to stay till in December 98', we revived our very own local juggling group at a brand new location - The National Youth Park.

Now named the Singapore Jugglers, we practise regularly on Friday's. This informal group boast of an ever increasing network of local jugglers.

First Two Diaboloist in Singapore

2 Diabolo's ?

Never did think this was possible and in fact at the time I started working on the *Diabolo (Classical Greek - "to throw across") I hadn't seen it being performed. While at university, I got my flat mate to toss in an extra and to my discovery a miniature "windmill" took place. When the blokes at the juggling club first saw this - it was probably most fascinating. It's also interesting to note that tricks with two are absolutely good for your forearm muscle workout!

* The Chinese Yo-yo, a spool-shaped top from China, historically of bamboo and wood but recently of plastic or rubber.

@ The first in Singapore to embark on two.

The "Devil Stick" ?

Devilsticking away

The first item that got me started in juggling was unfortunately the Devil Stick, for it took me a frustrating 6 months to get that "devil" simply to spin on two hand sticks. I nearly gave up, should I not have had the "outlet" to vent my stress from college life. It's now given me that satisfying grin you see in the picture - devilsticking away with a juggling club.

* Reason - "devil stick" is encapsulated with quotes is because they're normally manipulated with an evenly weighted stick.

First Shaker Cup Manipulator in Singapore

oh what an attention getter ... "kling" .. "klang" ..

These shaker cups can be most difficult to practice on for the sound they produce (when you're just starting out that is) and yet if performed with precision is most intriguing.

@ The first Singaporean to embark on these skeptical Shaker Cups.

The Prop Maker - Cigar Boxes

the Prop Builder

Being a performer of my very own custom engineered, designed & manufactured equipment / props would probably constitute as being rare. If you've been wanting to get your hands on some customized equipment, you've arrived spot on.

Let's chat and derive a solution for that one of a kind prop you've always wanted.

The Prop Maker - Juggling Torches
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since 12th August 2000.
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